Tech review: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra two-month review |

Long-term, two-month, appraisal of the 6.9in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G flagship Android smartphone

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TheEffectDotNet58d ago

An absolute beast of a phone! Camera is definitely impressive but Samsung may have over promised on the zooming capabilities!

PrimeVinister58d ago

Yeah, the zoom at max. range isn't usable most of the time

markkavanagh58d ago

At 4x optical it's a match for Huawei P30 and P40 and thus better than any other smartphone zoom out there. So why the unnecessary my zoom is bigger than your zoom posturing. Talk bout giving your critics a stick to beat you with :-)

markkavanagh58d ago

Coincidentally there is a line in the review that says it's weakest link is its most over-hyped feature, that 100x.