Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Super Battery Life with a Catch

The AMOLED screen, ability to play MP3 and the smorgasbord of workout options makes Huawei Watch GT 2e a compelling option for fitness fanatics.

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ChristianReggieWait469d ago

I just want my phone on my wrist, fitness scares me...

PrimeVinister469d ago

Same deal with Watch GT regular. It's mostly a fitness tracker. Some of the smarter features are a bit half-baked.

Telford91469d ago

I've never been a watch guy either, but it's growing on me

WillDoubleJ469d ago

Nothing irks me more than receiving a constant barrage of notifications. Therefore, the idea of receiving each one twice is currently giving me heart palpitations.

Telford91469d ago

It just emphasizes how much more important a phone is than the watch

markkavanagh469d ago

Haven't had the dual notification issue. Had a separate issue when paired with Samsung device but that is fixed now. I miss voice control more than I do not being able to reply to a message.

TheEffectDotNet469d ago

Loving the battery on our model too, just wish the notifications were more interactive! Nice review though!

PrimeVinister469d ago

The battery life would probably be much lesser if there was more functionality to it. I still wear my review GT 2 but I don't use it all that much