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Game Developers Are "Little Creeps" Who Make Titles That "Teach You How To Kill": Joe Biden

Joe callous by the industry, arranging a meeting with developers of "creeps" and "arrogant" who develop games that teach people how to kill.

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ravinash32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Well he is of the older generation who probably thinks games are meant to be just for kids.
Hell, I'm in my 40s and while I play games, there are people my age who don't get it.

Kabaneri32d ago

Says the corrupt pedo creep whose administration destabilized the entire Middle East.

rockwhynot32d ago

The last time the Middle East was stable was like 7,000 years ago before human civilizations. You shouldn't blame Middle Eastern instability on just one single administration now comon.

Darkstorm611132d ago

Thats it?
You can do better dude.
Call them racist sexist homophobic do the FULL TRIGGER COMBO let em have it!

kernel32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Biden is a racist, sexist homophobe himself lol.

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