Reportedly More PC Gamers Are Preferring AMD Processors Over Intel

According to a leak, AMD abrading Intel's CPU market share for a while. A survey reveal that 41 percent of candidates use the AMD processors now.

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hollabox129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

I made the switch from Intel I5 6600K to AMD 3800X and damn it's a night and day difference. Rendering a movie from 1080P to 4K with denoise and HDR went from 10 in half hours to 5 hours in 40 minutes. Playing games I'm seeing about a 15 FPS increase overall, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the game (RTX 2070 graphics card). At 4K maybe a 1-4 FPS difference as I'm limited by my video card at this resolution.

If you with the 38 or 3700X depending on sales (My 3800X cost the same as the 3700X during Black Friday week) pair with DDR4 3600-DDR4 3800 MHZ RAM. Set your Infinity Fabric to 1900 if you go with 3800 MHZ ram and it will boost your performance by 1-6 FPS. My ram is set to DDR 3666 with Infinity Fabric set to 1833 and I get a 1-4 FPS boost over DDR 3600 with the IF set to 1800. With my settings and OC my 3800X performs slightly faster than the 9900K at stock in video games. Borderlands 3 for example I'm at 85 FPS, when I look at equivalent 9900K machines with the RTX 2070 graphics core it's about 80 FPS at 1080P.