A Teammate In UK Was Saved By A Texas Gamer After Hearing Him Have A Seizure

A 20-year-old Dia Lathoraa Texas gamer saved her 17-year-old teammate Aiden Jackson living in the UK after hearing him have a seizure.

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sophiagardner170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

What a resourceful and quick-thinking friend! I had a similar situation when I was Skyping with my bestie back in 2008. She was spending a semester in Europe as an exchange student, while I stayed behind at our college dorm in US. She lost consciousness – I heard how her body hit the floor. I panicked and kept calling her name. I didn’t know her address to send help to. Worst 3 minutes of my life… Luckily, she came to and was okay. Just fainted because of low blood sugar. Should anything happened to her I would never forgive myself for being so stupid and helpless.
Kudos to Dia!