Amazon Slashes Up To 46% Off AMD Ryzen 3, 5 & 7 CPU Processors

Daily Video Game writes: "Amazon is offering on big discounts on handful of AMD Ryzen CPUs. right now! If you are looking pick up a new AMD CPU to build your own desktop, you will be ale to save up to 46% off of them at Amazon!"

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hollabox955d ago

The 2700X should be cheaper. At $229 it's only $10 less than the 3600X which can best the 2700X by a decent margin in games and only about 14-20% slower in productivity. If you're into productivity and gaming is not big on your list but you will play every once in awhile go with the 2700 none X for $158. If you're gaming more than productivity but want a processor capable of both without breaking the bank go with the 3600 none X for around $195. I upgraded from the 2600X to the 3800X and it made a huge difference in games and productivity. Rendering a two half hour video to 4K dropped from 9 hours to 5 hours and 40 minutes. I saw a 15-25 FPS improvement at stock in most games. Setting the 3800X infinity fabric set to 1833, with DDR memory @3666 and OC to 4.4 GHZ my 3800X performs slightly faster than the 9900K in video games using a 2700 none super graphics card.

WeOwnTheNight955d ago

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