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CCG Writes - "I would say that the Sega Genesis Mini is, while not quite up to Nintendo's levels of classic console re-releases, overall a job well done and worth getting. None of the games are 'Final Fantasy III' or 'Super Metroid' good, but there are plenty of quality classic games here, and the hardware is just right. If you would like a taste of the 'other side' of the 16-bit console wars, I highly recommend the Sega Genesis Mini - you can't go wrong. With that said, Sega has released enough software-based versions of the Sega collections that you may have many of these games in other formats. If that's the case, you have to decide how important original controllers and the plug and play experience is."

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TGG_overlord100d ago

It's a pretty good deal atm since the price has dropped.

BootHammer100d ago

It's a great mini-system. Sony should take notes for the mini PS2.