The next Xbox Series X design is just a branded midi tower | Sausage Roll

What is better than kicking off Friday the 13th weekend with the official reveal of the next generation Xbox console. Here it is... Kind of looks like a budget PC, right?

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xTonyMontana234d ago

It certainly isn't the most inspired design but I imagine it's practical at least, shouldn't have any worries of overheating issues.

Ristul233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Practical for development purposes perhaps, but very unpractical for the costumer. There are reasons for media units to be flat.

darthv72233d ago

I dont see why this would appeal to a person who makes costumes.

FlyingFoxy233d ago

It can be put on its side, anyway if the unit is quieter than most consoles I'm sure console players would appreciate that over saving a small bit of space and having it be louder.

The_Blue233d ago

Yes, as a developer this will help keep the system cool

MWH233d ago

That's a mouthful of Xs.

annoyedgamer233d ago

Still looks more interesting than the Xbox One reveal. And its proven simply by how many people are talking about which is now free publicity.

yomfweeee233d ago

I'm pretty sure X1 got way more discussion and it was mostly negative and was part of their lackluster generation.

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