PREVIEW: Google Stadia - Is this the future of gaming?

Google Stadia’s launch is almost upon us with the new game streaming service coming to Ireland and 13 other countries tomorrow. Officially announced back in March at GDC, Google’s entry into the game streaming business has had an interesting journey and now, it's finally about to launch. Is it any good though? Read on to get our first impressions of the service.

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TheEffectDotNet259d ago

Thanks Mark, appreciate it! :)

WeOwnTheNight259d ago

Of course you're gonna say that

You work for the site

PrimeVinister259d ago

Have tried it.

Lag and visual quality were better than expected.

22 games at launch will probably slow sales down more than anything.

TheEffectDotNet259d ago

Ya, we were very impressed by the visual fidelity, lack of framerate drops and overall ease of use. The addition of the 10 new games last night will help things but still a very small launch phase of titles. Can't wait to see it grow into a proper catalogue of games!

PrimeVinister259d ago

It may never get the chance to grow into that 😢


Inzo258d ago

"Is this the future of gaming?"


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