NordVPN remove key feature from app and now it sucks

There are many reasons to choose NordVPN when it comes to privacy. However, their decisions to remove my favourite feature has got me looking elsewhere.

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PapaBop230d ago

NordVPN sucks anyway. There are NO reasons to choose them for privacy, they got hacked and didn't even disclose it until some researchers discovered it themselves. For a company that is labelled as the best for privacy, that's unacceptable and they are rightly been put on blast by the infosec community. Stay away and look elsewhere.

1nsomniac230d ago

Although I agree with you, I’m a current customer of Nord because I’ve used/trialed lots of VPNs and none came close to Nord. Would love to know a better alternative that is out of the 14 eyes, quick, reliable, works with file sharing, Netflix, iPlayer etc...

WeOwnTheNight230d ago

You can still choose your server. Search and enter the server number.