Iowa Appointed A Cybersecurity Firm To Do Penetration Testing, Then Arrested Its Employees

Iowa appointed a cybersecurity firm Coalfire to perform penetration testing on both infrastructures parts such as servers and physical building access.

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SunnyZ229d ago

Think I had a stroke trying to read this bullshit.
Techspy approves this shit?
Yeah, nah, I'm out. CYA

WeOwnTheNight228d ago

N4G doesn’t care about its sister sites. That’s why the whole team left and this place turned into a cesspool.

KingPin228d ago

I used to be quite active on this site as well as the 11x2 site and used to filter out BS like this all the time.
But i think after they refused to pay me the money i won in contests i stopped giving a fuck as well.

but you;re right, the only site they care about is N4G.