Tech review: Sony Xperia 5 smartphone |

In a year of excellent flagship smartphones, there is little to fault with Sony Xperia 5

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PrimeVinister79d ago

Can see a market segment for it. Too many phones are massive now.

markkavanagh78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

You are third Irish tech reviewer who I have great respect for that has offered this verdict. I assume you meant can't see a market segment. The flaws (no wireless charging, no headphone jack, no Android 10) I can live with. But if I were to review every phone from the viewpoint of 'are there better phones than this' and then dismiss it on this basis, I would only ever review one phone a year (or maybe two, one IOS and one Android).
I am not taking issue with your view either but it's hardly Sony's fault there are lots of great phones this year. Personally I would recommend OnePlus 7T to anyone I know as for €599 it blows much of the competition out of the water. The camera is much better than it gets credit for. But I'm loving Pixel 4 too and the battery issue is almost irrelevant in my daily routine of work/home but is a consideration if I am going out for the evening or day. Pixel 4 is like Xperia 5 in that many reviewers I enjoy reading such as you say it has no obvious market segment etc
I await your thoughts with interest

PrimeVinister77d ago

No, I meant there is definitely a place for a high-powered pocket rocket.

The default size now is basically 6.1".
I am enjoying the Pixel 4 more than most because it's so easy to use

PrimeVinister77d ago

Oh and I don't rate wireless charging. I never use it - it's practically zero effort to plug it in and wired chargers will fill a phone from 0% in 90 minutes. Can easily use my phone while charging.

markkavanagh77d ago

That will teach me to make assumptions eh? Can you see my blushing face from there? :-)

markkavanagh77d ago

And great to hear someone else is loving Pixel 4 as I'm a huge fan

PrimeVinister70d ago

Took me a fortnight to get to love it.

And the battery life does get much better once it starts aggressively turning stuff off automatically.

74d ago