A teenager figured out a genius solution to every car’s blind spots

Cars are smarter than ever, but blind spots are still an issue. One teenage has come up with an interesting solution to the problem, however.

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SunnyZ104d ago

Blindingly bright projector in your car.
What could possibly go wrong!?

Fist4achin104d ago

I just turn my head and look and if I'm still unsure I will adjust my speed for another check.

This projector thing adds another set of sensors and screens that could go wrong and end up being costly to fix in the event you are in am accident.

I know some larger cars or vehicles without windows might have a harder time checking.

plmkoh104d ago

It's just an idea done with off the shelf products need to downplay someone trying something interesting.

If it was full commercial, you would use a short throw projector with distorted projection to match the A pillar.

Having said that I would have blind spot was more a problem from the C pillar.