OnePlus 7T Pro Launched With 90Hz HDR10+ Display, SD 855+ And More

Oneplus has launched new phone oneplus 7t pro, know about the specifications and new camera mode and improvements it comes with.

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Kados240d ago

techacrobat at it again. There is no such thing as a 7T Pro. It is just 7T. It is an upgrade of the standard OP7, not the Pro. The OP7 Pro is still their flagship device.

SaQlain240d ago

its 7T pro, not 7T, launched yesterday, and the one you're talking about (OP7 Pro) was released on May 2019.

Kados239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Checked the EU Oneplus site and it turns out there is actually a 7T Pro now, (EU exclusive so did not notice it before. Neither the US or CA Oneplus sites list it). The standard 7T is also still not available in Canada, so i thought you were talking about that one. Did not know it had already released in some other places.

SaQlain239d ago

@Kados glad you know the right thing now

WeOwnTheNight239d ago

@davidmiller - how many fake accounts do you all have?

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davidmiller239d ago

its going to be my next phone

CLOUD1983239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

If not for the price that could be my next phone, but it's not that different from the 7 Pro so I'm gonna get this one & most of the things the 7T Pro have like Android 10, Oxygen 10, Macro camera mode, 7 Pro will get them also eventually, so the main difference is a bit better processor & a bit better charge speed, that's it, so I prefer to not have that & save 200€ ;)