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If you have a beard, apparently the Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t for you

Samsung finally released the Galaxy Fold after fixing its early issues, but it seems the handset is still causing trouble.

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PrimeVinister153d ago

Get a Motorola RAZR instead. 😑

Cobra951153d ago

It's a dumb concept. The screen may be twice as big as usual for the pocket size; but its quality is just too compromised. It's soft, easily-scratched, easily creased plastic, not glass. It can't take a screen protector. It can get dust, dirt (and I guess hair) under it. The hinge won't survive sand or grit for long. The touch sensitivity is uneven at best. And it's easily broken. I just don't see this idea becoming practical anytime soon, and it certainly isn't worth the better part of $2 grand.

Kumakai153d ago

agreed. the ultimate gimmick. i feel like a small tablet would still be easier to use if screen size was an issue - somehow tho i manage to get by with my non-folding screen.

ChrisW153d ago

I have an odd feeling this article is meant to be satirical...