Smart TVs continue to send sensitive information to third parties

Researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London found a series of smart TVs and streaming dongles share information.

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Psychotica54d ago

Not with Samsung tv's..once you update your router to the latest firmware it's internal network adapter will no longer work and it can't connect to anything. I will never buy another Samsung Smart Tv again, pieces of junk..

nowitzki200454d ago

If you have an electronic device that has internet capabilities, then there is a chance this is happening. Not saying I agree with it, but just that its not only Smart TVs. So if you wont have Smart TV then drop the phone, PC, Videogames, etc

Psychotica49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Well that would be true if the network connection in all my other electronic devices like the multiple PC's, Phones, game consoles etc didn't keep working but they did and in my Samsung tv it did not.

Cobra95154d ago

Where you are, what you watch, and when you watch. (Not your full hours at home. No one watches TV the whole time they're home.) I don't want to defend privacy invasions, but this doesn't seem to qualify as one. It's perfectly reasonable for them to know how you use their services. Location is usually already known anyway, because you're a subscriber to something, or you have an account where you buy/rent programming a la carte.