Dear iPhone, I’m leaving you for Google Pixel 4

NRM: “I’ve always been an Apple fan, but after that underwhelming iPhone 11 announcement, this could be the year that I turn to Android.”

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Hroach616736d ago

You don’t switch for hardware anymore. We stay with either iOS or Android because we’re locked into the ecosystem and software.

Kumakai736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

Well... have fun changing ecosystems. And PS Android isn’t nearly as simple as iOS and iOS still gets a lot of the best apps/games first.

An apple person who went to android and came right back (and wished his smartTVs ran iOS instead of Android)

MecheSlays735d ago

Its not hard at all if you haven't invested money into their other products like apple tv and a mac. if you use a firestick and a windows pc leaving iphone is beyond easy to adapt to. I went back to iphone last year with the XS Max came out because i thought i was missing this "ecosystem" that i wasn't even apart of and will be going to the Pixel 4 when that comes out.

Babadook7736d ago

Enjoy your inferior phone, apps, and user experience.

KingPin734d ago

i wasnt aware that "user experience" was universal. i thought user experience was meant to be based upon the individual hence the word "user". maybe the author feels he has a better experience on the pixel instead of the iphone which is one of the reasons to make the switch.

Fist4achin735d ago

Finally figured out you're paying too much for their products?!

mogwaii735d ago

Apple are a pale imitation of what they once were with these ridiculously overpriced and underwhelming products. I vowed never to touch an Apple product again many years ago and it has been very easy.

princejb134735d ago

to each its own. I honestly think android software is very underwhelming compared to ios

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