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Sony's 40th Anniversary Walkman is bull****

Sony is releasing a 40th-anniversary Walkman that appears to honor the original Walkman, but inside it's just another weak MP3 player.

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plmkoh11d ago

Website is called 'knowtechie' yet it doesn't even know what Sony has done with Hi-res players for 7 years. Comparing this to a MP3 player or Smartphone is simply weak, have a listen to a demo and you will understand how silly you are.

SolidGamerX10d ago

"is absolute dog crap. Who the fuck wants to pay that much"

Can see we got us a real eloquent top shelf journalist here. Definitely a Pulitzer in your future with that kind of wordsmithing buddy.

WeOwnTheNight10d ago

Another piece only worthy for the trash

2pacalypsenow10d ago

It's a high-res player.

My buddy paid over $2,000 for a dedicated CD player from Marantz.

And some people pay more than that for some Record Players.