Do not bleed your pithy human blood on the majestry of the Apple Card

Apple would like you to think that its new Apple Card is more than a credit card with its care instructions. It's not. It's a credit card.

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2pacalypsenow181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

"It’s connected to Apple Pay and the douchey Apple ecosystem."
"If you ever wondered, after all these years of me shitting on Apple, why I hate this brand so much — this is why."

This person is obviously not biased.


madpuppy181d ago

I don't blame him....Apple is a trash company.

2pacalypsenow180d ago

Nah it’s a smart company.

It prints money, which is why everyone tries to copy it, from their designs to their ecosystems.

ps360s178d ago (Edited 178d ago )


Well not anymore!

Its been the otherway around since the Iphone 8

but it is smart to print money off the Apple diehards! and make it like it's 2nd coming of everything they make for them!

WeOwnTheNight180d ago

Dogs*** knowtechie commentary as usual.