Intel Xe GPUs Will Compete With AMD and Nvidia on All Price Tiers

Intel Xe GPUs will be coming out soon and people have been wondering about the price. There are rumors and some wrongly translated reports but it looks like Intel will target all price tiers.

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Srhalo164d ago

I hope Nvidia makes a cpu.

fr0sty164d ago

I think eventually the 3 are going to end up competing against each other in both GPU and CPU spaces on all platforms, or Intel will swallow up Nvidia and use their tech to take on AMD.

DeadlyFire164d ago

They are on ARM tech. Supposedly they are working on a full scale ARM CPU to go head to head with x86 CPUs from Intel and AMD at some point in the future, but even so they stated it would not be right away.

Cobra951161d ago

Yes. The PC's future could be ARM (RISC). At least laptops are heading that way, and laptops make the bulk of the PC market.

FlameWater158d ago

2020 is gonna be a great year to build a PC