MAINGEAR has just announced their partnership with Intel

MAINGEAR today announced a partnership with Intel to offer customers the software to set up a professional-quality livestream on new MAINGEAR PCs automatically with a custom version of the Intel® Easy Steaming Wizard.

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KicksOnRoute66172d ago

Nice lazy post

just copy that press release straight outta the email

TGG_overlord171d ago

Which is exactly what a press release is used for...And if you had done some actual research then you might have noticed that I've also done +100 interviews, tons of reviews, articles, videos, OP's and whatnot since 2014. So give me a break.

KicksOnRoute66171d ago

Press releases are just part and parcel of developing your own article. What you did here is just pure laziness. Don't see that crap on the big blogs like Kotaku or Polygon.