No TAX Exemptions To Apple On Mac Pro Made In China Parts: TRUMP

you may have heard that the Trump management is wanting to impose tariffs on numerous billions of dollars well worth of customer items that are put together in China

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drpepperdude207d ago

With the prices Apple puts on their products you would think they're already made in the USA.

BuildTheWall207d ago

Apple charges more than their competition & do so for lower quality products with fewer features , just one of the many reasons that I WILL NOT buy any Apple products.

mixelon207d ago

Nobody has higher quality tablets. Apple have totally cornered that market, especially for many types of artist.

And macs can easily dual boot windows in absolute worst case scenario so I don’t know what features you’re missing?

jaycptza207d ago

Macbook's run slower than Windows counterparts

KingPin206d ago

macs can dual boot windows.....yes...yes it can. but windows runs slower on macs coz of bootcamp software. so your "worst case" that you speak of is another term for "completely desperate".

macs are meant to be used to mac OS. end of story. anything else and one would be shooting themselves in the foot.

2pacalypsenow207d ago

Apple might do a lot of things, but using low quality components is not one of them.

princejb134206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Charge more how? Last time I checked Samsung charged the same price for their phones, at least in the US.
Lower quality ? Keep dreaming. I’m still using my iPhone 6s and it runs the same as when I bought it, I’m sure android phones can barely last a year without stutters or slow downs.

BuildTheWall205d ago

@princejb134 I'm still using a Windows Phone that I got in 2011 , no reason to upgrade as it still works & btw Samsung STILL USES HEADPHONE JACKS ON THEIR PHONES , CAN'T SAY THE SAME FOR THE CHEAP BASTARDS AT APPLE

Kabaneri207d ago

Apple isnt the same without Steve Jobs.... They're such a massive corporation but lately they lack innovation.

mixelon207d ago

I don’t disagree with this but I don’t particularly blame them.. I’m genuinely not sure what they’d innovate now. There’s no obvious areas to move into now they have a wearable, laptops, tablets, phones etc. It’s likely to be incremental improvements from here on out.

KingPin206d ago

this is exactly what kabaneri means when he says they lack innovation.
back in the day, nobody thought mobile pcs could get smaller than laptop. people were comfortable with that idea until tablets came out. similarly now, people are comfortable with wearables, laptops and tablets, phones etc but surely theres something that could come completely out of left field that could change the game.....this is something apple was good at doing when Steve Jobs was they have your thinking of "well we cant do much more, lets just make incremental upgrades."

Nodoze207d ago

GOOD. Apple is on the way down. No new innovations. Thinner, faster only works for so long. People are exiting.

jaycptza207d ago

Everyone will be affected by this

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