One year later, the repeal of net neutrality is already fing us over

It's been a year to the day since net neutrality was repealed, so what better time to see how it's affecting the average web user?

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Cobra9516d ago

What? I'm sorry, but charging a rental fee for a modem the user outright owns has NOTHING to do with net neutrality. That is just simple fraud, or a mistake. Law enforcement and civil actions are not blocked by the corporate FCC takeover.

I'm all for net neutrality, and I think Ajit Pai should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. But this is ridiculous clickbait.

jerethdagryphon6d ago

Not quite they'll be renting. The ip address or the routing table or the authentication key or any number of items they could claim as renting.

Shikoku6d ago

Anyone really surprised? I'm not

Concertoine6d ago

I haven’t noticed any difference.

rdgneoz36d ago

They've caught ISPs carriers slowing traffic or trying to start selling fast lanes. Might not be in your area, but it is happening.

One example:

andron6d ago

Dang look at that bellend. He doesn't get the whole laugh at or with thing does he....

MWH5d ago

Put down the gun mother f*****