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Consumers don’t look for deals when purchasing new computer hardware

Half of consumers in Britain don’t look for deals or money saving hacks when purchasing a new computer or other hardware, according to new research from Crucial.

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steven83r873d ago

Actually I did when building mine Why would no one research different store pricing.

InflectionPoint873d ago

Glad I'm in the half that do. With so many sales in the US its silly to not look for deals, patience is key.

jjb1981873d ago

When I bought my 2080 Ti directly from EVGA, it was cheaper than everywhere else I looked. It seems as though resellers are going for cryptomining price. The 1080 Tis at that time were the same price. GPU pricing is so volatile.

InflectionPoint872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

Are they though? GPU prices have widely stayed the same before and after the crypto boom.