Twitter is going to start labeling harmful tweets from folks like Donald Trump and other bozos

Now when a public figure breaks its guidelines, Twitter will notify users of the violation and also shrink the reach of the specific tweet.

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Kabaneri49d ago

In other words everyone who opposes the radical left agenda.

W34KN35S49d ago

exactly , this elevated quickly and i fear its going to get even worse in the future, the ones who scream for tolerance are intolerant smh.

Cobra95148d ago (Edited 48d ago )

They'll say they're tolerant except with the intolerant, meaning whoever doesn't agree with their ideals. But nobody needs tolerance for whoever agrees with them already. In short, they are completely intolerant.

Rare49d ago

in other words, anyone that doesn't want to fu*k a dirty trans assh*le is a bigoted right wing nazi.

GGEZ49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Here's an interview where Jack Dorsey is being confronted about all the bs that goes down on Twitter and not even his lawyer knows how to respond to any of it.

Kostche49d ago

its all part the 2020 black out to the american election, i live in the UK and even i can see what is approaching, i just hope the American patriots can see through this and keep there nerve and vote him in for 2nd term, dont become the UK a cucked sold and bought nation, with spinless leaders

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annoyedgamer49d ago

One of those Bozos just walked into North Korea...quick censor what he said!

2pacalypsenow48d ago

They’ll find a way to turn that into a negative.

starchild49d ago

Harmful? Yeah right! You're just going to censor people you don't agree with. Your views are the ones that are harmful, but I'll always defend your right to share them.

ControllerBreaker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Harmful in their opinion. All while they keep terrorist accounts up and running like Antifa and Hamas. The far left tech companies need reigning in, they are the modern day 1939 book burners.

Deadpoolio48d ago

How strange considering the CEO of Twitter is a Trump cuck, that has constantly ignored all the violations of TOS that should have gotten Trump's account banned permanently, but he's a little Trumptard, but LMFAO lets pretend that everything is a "far left"(Protip: the "far left" is less than 3% of the democratic party)....Its hilarious how fragile and sensitive the moronic Trumptard right wing retards are, while actually having the balls LMFAO to try and call anyone else fragile, triggered or a snowflake, when they get triggered faster than anything on the planet...

ShrektheHulk48d ago

I don't know. People who can't help but call people "Trumptards" or insist on putting effort into calling him "tRump" or "Drumpf" instead of using big-boy words seem like the triggered ones. The idea that you're so consumed with him and everything he does boggles my mind and makes me think that it goes beyond just infatuation.

starchild48d ago

You sound irrational and driven by emotion. You're clearly the one here that's most emotionally triggered. Try to come up with a coherent point.

Trump brings a huge amount of attention and traffic to Twitter. And they also know that unfairly banning the president of the United States would bring huge criticisms down on them. Those are the reasons they haven't banned his account.

But, please, list the supposed violations of the terms of service. Leftists and terrorist groups are free to say the most hateful things day in and day out, yet you think Trump is the one that should get banned?

Shikoku48d ago


They call him Drumphf cause that's the original spelling of the Trump last name.

bluefox75548d ago

They hate Trump, but they make half of their money from Trump.

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WeOwnTheNight48d ago

So many rednecks on these forums

2pacalypsenow48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I rather have a redneck than a retarded liberal with 100 genders that change based on how they feel that day.

WeOwnTheNight48d ago

I'll take that over sleeping with my own cousin

2pacalypsenow48d ago

Is sleeping with your cousin any weirder than sleeping with someone with the same gender?

MajorLazer48d ago

I'm shocked. A gathering of imbeciles

starchild48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Of course, because anybody that disagrees with censorship and the intolerance of the Left must be a redneck.

I would bet money that I have a higher education and a higher IQ than you.

Cobra95148d ago

Si, es verdad. Todos aqui somos campesinos ignorantes. No podria haber nunca latinos educados, u otra gente menos blanca o mas erudita apoyando al presidente, cierto? Porque por nada del mundo, nadie que no fuera un imbecil y blanco como la nieve le daria su apoyo a Donald Trump. No; eso nunca pasaria.

O asi crees tu. Despiertate.

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The story is too old to be commented.