Intel Will Cut Desktop CPUs Prices As AMD 3000 Draws Near: Report

there are about 2 weeks for AMD Ryzen 3000 family of chips to arrive, Intel is planning to reduce its 8th and 9th generation CPU's prices by 10% to 15%

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b163o1348d ago

They really don't have a choice...

FreakyFox347d ago

When you consider that Intel have a CPU that is around $1000, and AMD have CPU coming that outperforms it,has more cores and uses less power at $500 , even at a 15% price drop Intel cant be helped. Always been happy with Intel and Nvidia , but their prices have gone up so much, people can't justify it anymore.

killswitch80347d ago

I dont believe AMD controlled benchmarks or NVIDIA or Intel. I will wait for more reliable benchmarks.

killswitch80347d ago

Intel will do a mic drop after these come out and be like now what...