Airbus says it's ready to build pilotless jets. Would you fly on one?

Airbus says it already has the technology at hand to fly airplanes with just one or no pilots, and is focusing on winning over regulators and passengers.

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KicksOnRoute66152d ago

Same. I won't even trust one pilot

Altaire152d ago

Maybe they might fly better? But the systems would have to be perfect. Look what happened to the MAX because the sensor failed....

Lionsguard151d ago

You'd be surprised (or scared) of just how automated flying already is.

151d ago
ravinash151d ago

After seeing what happened to those 2 Boeing 737 crashes because of an issue with anti-stalling software.
No way in hell!

GreatBear152d ago

I mean, there are so many variables. Is AI really going to be able to get around that? They still can't get cars 100% right

151d ago
FlyingFoxy152d ago

I hate planes as it is, even though it's supposed to be the safest form of transport.. Rather take my chances with a boat, at least you got life jackets and other things to survive.

I'm looking forward to Ray Kurzweil's prediction of having human level AI by 2029 tho.

Kados152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Been saying that to people for years. Planes may crash less often but when they do crash you are like 99.9% facked. With a boat, you are typically traveling at like 5kph, and humans can continue to swim without it. Good luck continuing to fly when the wings fall off.

31, never flown, until someone invents a working puddle jumper, never will fly.

Kados152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The last half dozen 737/747 crashes have been due to crappy software going kamikazi. If it were up to me, all the automation in existing planes would be ripped out and they would have to be flown 100% manual, with the plane unable to do anything without pilot input.

100% manual with 3 people in the cockpit. Pilot, co-pilot and a backup monitor watching to make sure neither of the first 2 fuck up or suddenly go psycho. Also, unless the weather is crap, they should be flying almost entirely by sight, not instruments. electronics lie, eyes do not.

WeOwnTheNight152d ago

You think that's going to be feasible for a 10+ hour flight? Hand flying gets tiring quickly and the ride is never as smooth as autopilot.

Kados151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Who cares about smoothness. Safety is more important. A plane the size of a 737/747, the difference would barely be noticeable anyway. They actually already have bunks on planes for the pilots to take short breaks, adding a 3rd pilot would make it even easier for them to rotate shifts.

ravinash151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Its fine to have the automated technology to fly the plane as long as the pilot can over ride it.
The problem with the Boeing crashes were a faulty sensor thought the plane was stalling, so the software force the plane nose down.
The pilots tried to pull up, but the system would not allow them to override it.

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The story is too old to be commented.