NASA will soon let tourists visit the International Space Station, but you'll need $60 million

As NASA ventures towards revisiting the Moon, the space agency will also be soon allowing commercial access to its portion of the ISS.

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WeOwnTheNight36d ago

I can't wait! Now to first come up with the next big idea to make $60 million

Altaire36d ago

I'm thinking about opening a search engine

GreatBear36d ago

How many N4G contests do we need to win to make this a reality?

TheColbertinator35d ago

Sure. Let me just whip out my second coin purse.

chris23535d ago

space is a horrible place. people who want to go up there watched too many scifi movies.

Whitey2k32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'm sure a lot of people would like a trip but it's always the working class that gets shitted on