LG 8K OLED TV soon available for preorder

The LG 8K OLED TV will soon become available for preorder in North-America and several other markets in the world. The 88-inch beast is huge and beautiful.

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MattDavisGR398d ago

I will wait 4 years and I will buy it at 30% of the price :)

JBlaze226398d ago

In 4 years we will have 12k

krauley398d ago

and still be 4 more years from anything close to 8k content with the exception of some 8k pc software

drpepperdude398d ago

Not really a point to get it if there is no 8K content. My spectrum tv service is still pushing out 480p and 720p let alone 4K.

Eidolon398d ago

Bro, movies aren't even filmed in 8K, there are hardly any released in 4K.

398d ago
Spacedolphin398d ago

I cannot wait to see burn-in in amazing 8k!

Inzo398d ago

Most of the worlds population dont even have LED TVs let alone 4K, in fact according to Statista, millions of people are still buying LCD TVs, so it begs the question. Who is 8K for?

GGEZ398d ago

there's hardly any 4k content and now we going 8k. lol