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A Survey Claims That 71% OF Students Own OR Prefer A Mac

Apple device management company states that 71% of the college students prefer or own a Mac computer instead of a windows computer.

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thejigisup1654d ago

Now if only those people would start purchasing tech for it's functionality over a logo and pretty casing there might be better innovation in the tech industry. I'd would have loved to have had the same people that took the survey to take a test to see how proficient they are at navigating and using an Apple laptop. In my experience most people pay ridiculous amount of money on a MacBook pro or other Apple product and use it for writing papers, growing social networking sites and streaming pirated films in terrible resolution. There's no need to spend $1,000+ on a laptop to do that. Its hard to have a technical discussion as to why apple is better than any other PC especially when you compare devices dollar for dollar with most people. This is coming from someone who owns several Macs and a few PC's. I understand the point of the survey, it just makes me sad that people buy blindly or they'd rather choose form over functionality. In my line of work I get more clients with apple product related issues than anything else and those troubleshooting conversations are rough at times as it's clear that the client has little to no working knowledge of their equipment or software.

brandonb211654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

i went to business school here in Canada, and we where required to have a apple laptop if we where to use one in class. it was almost like a laptop dress code lol.

thejigisup1654d ago

I hear this a lot as well. I would love to know the technical reasoning as to why institutions can put such a requirement in place as you can install osx 10 on a Windows PC quite easily. I understand where companies that provide hardware to their employees only using a single brand or manufacturer makes a lot of sense but a school, weird.

KwietStorm_BLM1654d ago

Being a student means you're young, and being young in today's society, it's not very surprising that they go with trends over self. Not to say Apple doesn't make quality products, but I'm pretty sure 90% of that 71% prefer Mac's a Mac.

mcstorm1653d ago

True but if we are honest around 80% of students own a Windows pc or laptop. Look at the mac sales they have not grown in years its a product that sells well in terms of what apple needs it to sell but Windows is what most people use and need.

annoyedgamer1653d ago

How do broke students afford Apple products?

Kados1653d ago

They don't. Part of the reason they are broke.

Kabaneri1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Their parents buy them a Mac when they go off to college.

KingPin1650d ago

now you know why many students complain about student debt.

meep3161653d ago

I like Apple, but survey news isn’t news. They can use surveys to say anything.

Cobra9511653d ago

The power of image and marketing at work. Substance and value take a back seat.

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