Huawei Responds to President Trump's Ban on Foreign Business

Last week, President Trump enforced a ban on foreign business exchanges, today, Huawei has issued their statement regarding the matter

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S2Killinit120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

about time we fight back against China's unfair business practices. I'm no Trump fan, but I'll root for the country if he's doing something right. Regardless of who is in the office, China should be confronted imo.

ControllerBreaker120d ago

China the bullies need also give Tibet back and stop their illegal occupation of it. Need to also stop the boiling alive of dogs. Pure vile country.

BuildTheWall120d ago

If Huawei is looking for sympathy, they can find it in the dictionary between shit & syphilis , what this is a Chinese company? Well I'll be nice & send them a dictionary , someone at their HQ should know Americanized English.

MajorLazer120d ago

Better off learning proper English

dcbronco120d ago

Can someone name these unfair business practices. Especially the ones that American companies aren't just as guilty of. There is no bigger bully on the world stag than the good old USA. Our war on terrorism is nothing but a resource grab through the murder of millions of innocent people. We have the nerve to claim the Chinese government is spying on us when we have absolute proof the US government is spying on everyone. And given the number of countries we are currently attacking, undermining their government or bribing their government I'm far more concerned with our own spying. We have a government run by corporations that will murder a human being to save a dollar. That is the people I'd worry about. Attacking Huawei is about protecting Apple.

etebitan120d ago

You are spot on.. It's laughable watching Americans bashing China.. The irony is astounding..

demonicale120d ago

Americans don't like anybody, they hardly even like themselves!

PapaBop119d ago

American hypocrisy has always been very well but at least the known fact about Huawei is that like all other Chinese firms, they answer directly to the Chinese government, while US based tech firms enjoy a lot more freedom. In the eyes of Americans and national security, I guess they are worried that Huawei has been compromised by China's intelligence services and using Huawei as a platform to gather information on the West.

GGEZ119d ago

just use google. The list is long. Even google is blocking them from using Android on their upcoming phones.

dcbronco114d ago

Which is ironic because we know Google is spying on us.

KingPin114d ago

the only reason google is not allowing them from using android is to stay in line with the new law that was passed by trump. google didn't cut huawei off because huawei did something wrong.
Massive difference.

Whats funny is that when americans spy on the world...its good because its for the sake of "national security". when other countries spy, its bad because who knows what they could use the data for.

bep24hvn114d ago

Even google is blocking them from using Android on their upcoming phones. haha

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