White House launches a tool to complain about social media 'censorship'

If you feel you've been wrongly banned, censored, or suspended on social media, the White House would like to hear from you.

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Cobra951386d ago

Excellent. It would be ironic if the left's push to silence their opposition ends up with the internet classified as a public utility again, which would not only spell the end of censorship (since by law it is not allowed in public venues), but might also bring back net neutrality.

Deadpoolio386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

The left doesn't have to silence anything...But then again what would one expect from a Trumptard, turds have more brain power...Protip the "right" are the ones who got rid of net neutrality to get more money for the billionaires....And not only was the internet NEVER considered a utility(something Obama pushed but Republicans blocked) YES you can be silenced in public venues and blocked and or suspended from an civilian owned website, public locations etc...The ONLY thing the first amendment does is stop the GOVERNMENT from silencing you and or punishing you for speaking...But then again moronic right wingers never know about the things the claim to know so well...Sad when Trumptards claim to be so smart yet in reality are dumb as a bag of defective hammers and diarreah....

Kabaneri386d ago

Hmm interesting so when tech companies blacklist conservatives its their right as a a private company, yet christian bakeries are forced to make cakes for gay weddings. Paul Joseph Watson gets banned off Facebook but terrorist groups like ISIS still have active accounts. You people are the enemy of democracy and freedom.

starchild386d ago

You leftists are all brain-dead. None of you seem to be able to distinguish between what you legally have the right to do and what's right to do. Just because someone has the legal right to do something doesn't mean it's right to do it.

I have the legal right to stuff my face with donuts everyday but it wouldn't be the right thing to do. I have the right to gamble or drink my life away but that doesn't mean I should. There are countless other examples.

Social media sites shouldn't present themselves as being for everyone if they really just want a leftist echo chamber. It's insane that people like you think privately owned businesses shouldn't have the right to discriminate against people on the basis of things like race or religion but have no problem with social media sites discriminating against people on the basis of their world views regarding ethics or politics. It's nothing but an attempt to censor ideas they dislike because they know that their own beliefs would never hold up in open debate or in a free marketplace of ideas.