YouTube is going to make all of its original shows available for free this year

Later this year, YouTube will be making all of its original TV shows free to watch, according to YouTube' Chief Business Officer

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Agent_00_Revan139d ago

This is good. I would like to watch Cobra Kai, but that's it from their premium shows.

Redlife2g138d ago

It's definitely worth it. I signed up just to watch it and wasn't disappointed. Glad everyone will be able to watch it for free

PapaBop139d ago

Well that picture certainly is nostalgic.. haven't seen Cobrai Kai yet so looking forward to this.

No_Pantaloons138d ago

Cobra Kai is fantastic. It's one of only a few things from my childhood that I can honestly say they didn't ruin. The show runners are clearly fans first and foremost, its refreshing. This needs to be taught to everyone in Hollywood how to correctly bring back old favorites instead of the usual cash grab we see.