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AMD's Latest Game Bundle Makes a Mockery of Nvidia's GTX 1650 Pricing

Get two game for free with AMD's already cheaper RX 570. Save money, get more performance and two free games with the RX 570.

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MajorLazer48d ago

Nvidia are making a mockery of their own fans with its pricing

JayF48d ago

I'll buy whatever product gives me the best value for money for a comparable level of performance. Right now, most of those products belong to AMD.

AGzee47d ago

NVIDIA products always has an exaggerated pricing. AMD is much better in pricing and even in performance. The only apparent advantage NVIDIA has is the compatibility factor.

meep31647d ago

Nvidia has the best performance period, amd only arguably offers better value. However, their software support is lacking compared to Nvidia and they don't support older cards for as long... this is worth the extra cost for most gamers.

meep31647d ago

The thing is people still don't want amd, they don't support their cards for as long or as well.