A teenager is suing Apple for $1 billion because its facial recognition led to a wrongful arrest

An 18-year-old student from New York is suing Apple for $1 billion because he got caught up in a facial recognition scheme that led to his arrest.

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demonicale436d ago

Only in America can you sue someone for a stupid amount of money. Yeah maybe some compensation, say $5000 not 1 billion ffs.

Cobra951435d ago

If the case survives initial challenges, it will never lead to anything like a huge amount of money, even if the plaintiff wins. I was involved in a lawsuit once where another company sued us for several million US $; so we turned around and counter-sued for nearly double that amount, even though we had no such damages. (Neither did they.) It's all posturing in an attempt to negotiate a lucrative settlement.

annoyedgamer435d ago

He wont get that sum. Its a tactic of asking for more but aiming to receive less.