The Black Hole accidentally Drags Getty images' China Partner VCG into Darkness

When the first black hole image is getting attraction worldwide, a Chinese company, unfortunately, is dragged into the "black hole".

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spy2012453d ago

this is why Trump does not trust the Chinese company, they all try to CHEAT

Cobra951451d ago

Until they try to cheat their own, I guess?

Cobra951451d ago

That black hole went a lot deeper than the headline alone hints at. This was the thread that unraveled the huge drape over what was going on. Even the image of the Chinese flag was being claimed as the property of Visual China, as were logos of big companies like Tencent. Visual China allegedly even had famous people paying for the use of their own images. The company is in deep do-do, which is rare when it comes to stealing other people's IP in China. (I guess it's fine to steal from other countries, just not the powerful in China.)