Apple is reportedly working on a 32-inch 6K mini-LED screen

TF Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo has released a report which lays out Apple’s product interest in mini-LED technology. Kuo says that Apple will launch a 31.6-inch (6K resolution) external display in the second or third quarter of 2019 and feature a mini-LED backlight.

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Juiceid41d ago

Of course they are. Why not just make it 8k? Because nobody else is! Freaking a holes will price this as an 8k screen and will be just as useless.

blvdnights141441d ago

In 2004 Apple released a 30 inch (2560×1600) LCD monitor called Apple Cinema Display that retailed at $3200. The current so called 8K monitors go for about that price so since this is Apple I'd assume their new monitor to be priced close to $4000 not including tax.