With Windows 10 1809, Microsoft drops safe removal of USB drives as the default option

Microsoft has changed the default policy on Windows 10 so you can remove USB drives without "safely removing" when you're not writing data to the drive.

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Cobra951188d ago

How is this a change from earlier versions (of Windows 10, or any Windows this century)? USB devices have always defaulted to Quick Removal. I just checked my externals, and they're all set to Quick Removal, and have been for at least a year. (Pulling up Properties from the drive listings in Disk Management did not give me access to the Policies tab. Device Manager did. So the article's advice for changing "Quick Removal" to "Better Performance" or the reverse is incorrect, at least for some of us.)

I usually do the "Safe Removal" thing; but if for any reason, Windows refuses (which happens on occasion), I just yank the device out anyway. Its I/O is not getting cached in RAM; so unless you're in the process of writing something to it, it's perfectly safe.