PayPal New Refund Policy Is Not Less Than A Nightmare For Sellers

Paypal is introducing PayPal new refund policy which is not less than a nightmare for sellers, their fees will no longer be returned to them for refund

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Kados100d ago

Well, that is the end of Paypal then. Watch every seller stop accepting Paypal.

SaQlain99d ago

difficult for them, lets see what happens

m2stech100d ago

It's quite a common cycle and pattern with most American companies, the startup, customer satisfaction, rise to fame, become greedy, decline in customer satisfaction and trust.

BlackDoomAx99d ago

Not only American. Every pizzeria in my neighborhood are like that.

annoyedgamer99d ago

Its the cycle of life. Even nations follow a similar path, growth, corruption, implosion.

Cobra95199d ago

Let's shorten that to its essence: PayPal is a nightmare.

I don't understand how such a crooked service took over so much of that particular business. I avoid it like the plague.

It has always been infuriating. This latest travesty is par for the course for them. It has nothing to do with any cycles of company growth.