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REVIEW: Huawei P30 Pro - TheEffect.Net

With industry-leading zoom and low light capabilities thanks to its SuperSpectum and telephoto lens, improved bokeh effects thanks to its TOF sensor and the versatility of its ultra-wide angle lens, the Huawei P30 Pro's camera department is the most featured packed on any smartphone available right now.

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PrimeVinister464d ago

A Mate 20 Pro with 8GB RAM and 256GB on-board storage costs around €799 now - I don't think the zoom and low-light stuff on P30 Pro is worth paying that extra few bob for.

TheEffectDotNet464d ago

Good point, but does it come in 'Breathing Crystal' though?

mcstorm462d ago

Tbh it's the same with most upgrades. I opted for the note 8 over the 9 due to price and I can say I'm happy with that and been very supprised at how good the phone is as never been a Samsung fan. Now that i have one ui to makes the phone even better to use.