Amazon Starts to Abandon Its "Guinea Pig"--Third-Party Sellers

"Now ......there is no room for third-party sellers to earn profits in many catalogs. And it's too late to build a brand too."

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wefly306d ago

Amazon is a shameless theft.

spy2012306d ago

the thing is, Amazon is too big to fall. No one has the ability to take over its market place.
even many sellers complaint a lot. Amazon does not care, and won't care at all.

wefly306d ago

My friend was a seller on Amazon. His account was closed, money and products in the account are still hold by Amazon for more than half a year. Amazon just doesn’t return them, keeps it as it’s own. Nothing back. So he left.

Mr_Writer85306d ago

I won't buy third party products from third parties on Amazon they're all rip off merchants.