Nintendo Plans Two New Switch Models for 2019

According to wall street journal report Nintendo switch 2019 comes in two variants one will be budget version and one targets higher-end users.

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Emme368d ago

Uh-uh...first gen purchaseers not gonna be happy as Nintendo enters the smart phone product cycle :D

KomaRising368d ago

I wouldn't say this is a "smart phone" production style as this is not only 2 years after the original launched but these updates aren't completely new systems. Nintendo has done this all time with their handhelds and since the switch is a hybrid console (mostly handheld) its not surprising they'd have a newer pro model and even a casual model of the switch.

FlyingFoxy368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

The smart phone market is a bit of an exception IMO, look at PC hardware, these days you see new GPUs every 2 years or so, though obviously phone makers want to make money. And the mobile technology is always playing catchup with more static/small form factor PCs, which are pretty much always going to be significantly ahead in performance. Or will be at least until some kind of breakthrough happens.

That said I'm not interested in paying £1,000+ for a phone either, I'd rather save it or spend it on something else like my PC.

bickxo368d ago

Agree they should closely look into failures of giants like microsoft....or it will be a make or break situation for them