New Spoiler Flaw Found In Intel Processors, Ryzen Users Are Safe: AMD

Researcher found new spoiler flaw in Intel processors, AMD's Ryzen, ARM-based processors are safe. This is independent of Spectre vulnerability.

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gapecanpie123d ago

This what happens when you cut corners....

GGEZ123d ago

the worst part is that the patch for these kind of vulnerabilities usually lowers performance.

1nsomniac123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

So it doesn’t seem to say unless I’m missing it, whether this applies to 9th gen intel cpus. After Spectre, these were supposed to have been built specifically from a hardware architecture level to stop this. If it’s below 9th gen only then this is old news as we already know there’s hardware issues.

Cobra951117d ago

These problems stem from speculative execution. The complete solution is to do away with it entirely, crippling CPU performance. Personally, I don't care about these issues, because they're extremely difficult to exploit, and with a modicum of care for security, consumers have nothing to fear. Servers and other exposed business systems are a different proposition, though.

I'm more angry that brain-trust-level research at universities ends up in published methods to make life easier for hackers. What are the odds these vulnerabilities would have ever come to light without it? Nothing is completely secure. Why go through all that effort to expose the holes for everyone to see? Keep that stuff secret from the public; tell only the CPU makers, so they can spend whatever time it takes to patch and redesign without making the bad guys so much wiser.