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6 Months with Samsung Galaxy Note 9

6 Months with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | An In-Depth Review.
We take a look at the pros and cons of Note 9, and consider if it's worth it.

PrimeVinister2d ago

Good review, lots of detail - I wouldn't have bought it for the original MRRP but it's under €799 sim-free now.

obscurenamedigit2d ago

yeah it was a bit pricey on launch, but tbh once you start hitting 1K for a phone, you've probably got more money than sense or good taste! Depends how you wanna look at it :)

ChristianReggieWait2d ago

I always go for slightly older handsets for reviews like this, good show

jagermaster6192d ago

Just go with the S10+ or wait for the note 10

BuildTheWall2d ago

I got the Galaxy S10+ in black with 1tb internal storage , need it for my Tidal HIFI subscription & Spotify premium subscription since all music is downloaded in their highest audio quality available on each app.