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This AI Based Google Chrome Extension Hides Bad, Insulting Comments

This AI Based Google Chrome Extension Hides Bad,Insulting Comments itself using its Perspective AI tool,this Tune extension make you presense less stressful

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2pacalypsenow102d ago

Man people are soft nowadays

madpuppy97d ago

You know what the funny thing about all this is? Just think about how if you are a strong normal person that has been allowed to grow a thick skin how easy your life will be in comparison to the losers who "need" this extension to keep from collapsing into a puddle of ideological angst and tears.

Oddmania102d ago

Here we are. We've gotten there. It sounds exactly like that South Park episode, "Safe Space". We've invented a technology that filters negative comments on social networks, blocks reality out and provides a 'safe space' for everyone to wallow in.

The_Blue102d ago

Could be a nice anti troll extension