AMD Radeon VII being sold at $100 over MSRP on Newegg

The one place you'd expect to have an aptly priced Radeon 7 - Newegg - is selling the Radeon VII for $799, significantly higher than the MSRP

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aridectel453d ago

clickbait, its over 699$

rockwhynot452d ago

How is this click bait? The article is just stating that the gpu is being sold at $100 over msrp, which as any real gamer would know is $699.

Myst-Vearn452d ago

seems he thought the headline is saying the gpu is being sold for $100 at newegg. That would have been insane if true XD

WeOwnTheNight452d ago

aridectel needs to go back to school then. Literally understood the same thing as you guys and I didnt need to click through.