NVIDIA Gains Control of 81% Discrete GPU Market Share; AMD down to 18%

The discrete GPU market decreased in Q4'18 from last quarter, but Nvidia managed to one-up AMD by seizing around 7% of their GPU market share.

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cyclindk346d ago

Wow, start working with developers and secure optimisation with your tech.. and lookoit for Intel’s showing whatever that may be.

ABizzel1346d ago

The problem is AMDs only killer GPU right now is the RX 570.

It’s undisputed you the best GPU value of its class with its level of performance for just $150 along with the AMD Capcom game bundle (2 or 3 games free).

Meanwhile the NVIDIA camp has better performance everywhere else along with a much better used market right now, so this makes sense.

AMD is banking on Navi to keep them in the game, which could be big for them if they can get GTX 1060 / 1070 / and 1080 performance levels at $150, $200, and $250 price points as rumored.

This is why they’re rushing to get Navi out ASAP.