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Russia is planning to disconnect itself from the World Wide Web

The plan likely wouldn't affect how ordinary Russians access the internet, instead, it would change how the back-end functions.

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WeOwnTheNight822d ago

Typical knowtechie jail click bait. Totally different story from the title

Gwiz822d ago

Actually it really isn't,when you take measures to monitor everything a country's population does you're effectively cutting off from the WWW.

Kabaneri822d ago

USA does the same exact thing, ever heard of the NSA?

Gwiz817d ago


They could always monitor you,the Russian government could now decide to cut you off from the rest of the world as they see fit based on surveillance,that's something the NSA can't do.

InTheZoneAC822d ago

Someone's mad there's an unlimited amount of Russian car crash vids on YouTube. Surprised car insurance even exists over there lol

S2Killinit822d ago

Sucks for Russian people.

Serg821d ago

Typical Western ignorance. No clue about what is happening in the world but always have to give their halfwitted, uninformed 2 cents to everything.

Russia has been under a barrage of sanctions and propaganda for over 1000 years, recently, yet another campaign to conquer Russia has been kicked off. Russia has always been either too white, too red, too communist, too socialist, too christian, not christian enough, too colourful, too conservative, too authoritarian, too libertarian... there is always a reason created to demonise Russia because what Russia has most of all is land and natural resources, in other words, it's the single richest country on the planet in actual wealth, meaning resources which others seek to plunder for themselves. There are countless examples of Western elites crying their eyes out about why Russia gets to have all this wealth to itself.

Russia has been illegally sanctioned since 2014 for made up reasons, they have been excluded from the G7, from PACE, blamed for everything going wrong in the world, had their assets frozen, have been attacked militarily (through Western sponsored terrorists) and through cyber. The supposedly "Kremlin-backed" Trump administration (completely made up, evidence-free narrative the sheep have collectively fallen for in the most intellectually absent, pathetic fashion) has imposed over 20 rounds of ADDITIONAL sanctions on Russia and are preparing even more as I type this. Why? Because Russia has the AUDACITY to act independently and to pursue an independent path, counter to the US' ambitions of hegemony.

Is it ANY wonder they are taking precautions for the very likely event that the US decides, after seeing all their previous efforts fail miserably, to cut Russia off of the internet? So yes, they are creating their own version of it, one which they can not be cut off from, one they can fall back on in the likely event the West goes even further off the deep end and actually does start excluding nations which do not go along with their barbaric wars of aggression in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria etc. etc. etc. etc.. The newest heap on the unbelievably stinky pile of hypocrisy is the attempted coup in Venezuela, disgusting anti-human practices of imposing sanctions to starve the Venezuelan population into a frenzy to overthrow their own government for the cynical, pretend-reason of "humanitarianism" and other Orwellian garbage terms they throw around like it's no big deal to lie like that, just utterly disgusting. Not to mention the glaring breach of international law and interference in another countries sovereign affairs.