AMD Radeon VII Review: Better off with the RTX 2080?

The Radeon VII seems very promising and carries the sliver of hope that might allow AMD to go head-on with its competitor Nvidia.

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Cobra951136d ago

For gaming alone, at the same price, no question. The 2080 is the hands-down winner. For mixed creation and gaming use, perhaps the VII gets the nod.

Parasyte135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Well, if my experience with my new RX 590 is anything to go by, everyone is better off with Nvidia.

Asuka135d ago

i mean the rtx 2080 is marginally faster, offers DXR and DLSS (tho very few titles support these), and is the same MSRP. Unless you want to support AMD or don't like Nvidia idk y anyone would choose Radeon VII.

Should have only went with 3 stacks of HBM2 for 12GB and offer the card at $549-599. Then it at least could make it a compelling option compared to both 2070 and 2080.

TL;DR nothing new from either company is remotely worth the MSRP. the little gains over the 10xx series do not justify current pricing.