5G Technology, Read More About 5G Uses & High Speed, No Delay

5G Technology Is Comming Soon. Find More About its Speed, 5G Uses and How Fast Speed We'll Get Without Any Delay In Real Time, Low Latency & Beamforming

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1nsomniac135d ago

...and absolutely no mention of any side effects!

Well done techacrobat. Nice work. No mention of the fact. The extreme nature of the vibrational frequency has been proven to effect the human heart and also a carcenagenic. Or that all the companies involved are currently in a lawsuit due to the whole thing being designed and built as a conflict of interest between all. That it has been proven that they are all making money off each other and have all been caught paying high profile corporations, states men and medical regulatory bodies to turn a blind eye. We’re in extremely dangerous territory now and although we would all love the tech for what it stands for we have to not let greed for money blind us to the repercussions.

lvlessi135d ago

agreed to you..we are planning to write a separate article on that where we'll mention it's drawback side of 5G and we all know this will arrive, this article was about what is 5G and its benefits and usages.

WeOwnTheNight135d ago

Good thing Google Analytics and ads are blocked when I visit your site.